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New Updates For 2016!

Our My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Cheat has recently been updated to the newest version of software, and is the all you need tool to get free MLP Gems and Bits for your game! The motivation behind creating this hack all stems from the need to save time and money collecting resources.

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  1. Access the online cheat-engine by clicking ‘Get Started Now!’
  2. Enter your username or e-mail associated with your game. (i.e. AppleID, etc)
  3. Select your device from the list of choices: IOS, Android, and Windows
  4. Click ‘Connect’ and wait for a connection to be established.
  5. Choose your desired amount of Bits and Gems you would like to Add and click ‘Generate’
  6. Allow 5-10 minutes for your game to refresh depending on the current traffic on our site!

Recent Updates:

Date Update
4/27/2016 Cheat Engine updated to 6.4
5/1/2016 Added offshore VPN to ensure connections are anonymous

My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Review

Setting a New Standard for App Development

Hello fellow six year old/Bronie nation! (No judgment) The game is here for all of us to enjoy! My Little Pony Friendship is Magic by Hasbro is now out for smartphone, tablet, and Windows! I’ve been steadily playing it day and night since it’s release.


First let me say, the graphics on this game are top notch! For a free app you can download right now they have really stepped it up. The Ponies look great and flounce around the world set up freely. The backdrop is very much a build your own world. It starts with only one or two buildings and where you place the rest is totally up to you! Keep in mind there isnt a lot of space to work with and to expand you need gems and bits. My world was looking a bit crowded for a minute until I started pushing the darkness back.  See the central conflict of the game has to do with Nightmare moon and trying to take over the light and make everything darkness.  

IMG_2552 IMG_2553

Anyway the main principle in the game is to expand Ponyville and collect the ponies all while keeping it light and cheery. There are a lot of good mini games to play which earn you bits and gems and they are quite fun. I was pretty overwhelmed when the game started, there are so many tabs and screens to look at and so much you can collect and do! However keep in mind these all come at a price! So far i’ve only collected a few ponies and put up a few buildings. Yet even with just the movie theater, cherry stand, and grainery i was still able to collect bits and gems regularly to expand my world! Don’t feel like you need to be sucked into buying gems and coins with a little patience you can just wait it out! Or not… see like a lot of Apps out there today, to achieve tasks they make you sometimes wait an obscene amount of time to get what you need, unless you use your precious gems of course, and lets face it, who doesn’t totally hoard those in hopes to buy the ultimate rare game deluxe item?? Soo whats a pony fan to do? Well besides wait every few minutes to collect bits you will make off building the pony businesses, and waiting to play mini games as much as possible, each day when you check into the game the game rewards you with a few bits and gems. This is pretty awesome if you ask me because i rarely play games where this stuff is given out for free.

IMG_2554 IMG_2555 IMG_2556 IMG_2557 IMG_2558 IMG_2563

This game i will say however does use a lot of your bits for small things. You actually have to use coins to play mini games, you gotta spend money to earn money i guess! Buying all the houses and new buildings also costs bits. Expanding the world space and even clearing away obstructions, yep, bits there too! Then you have to wait for rocks to clear or use your gems! Not likely! Ok complaining aside the game is totally designed for constant play! Every time you check back into the app you can be adding on or playing a game or collecting bits and that is one thing i really like about it because there’s never dead time where you want to play the game but are stuck just waiting several hours.  Anywho the only real way to see what I mean is to get the game yourself and try it all out!

My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Mini Games

So i have to say the best part of My Little Pony FIM is the mini games! There are so many to do daily in order to earn more bits and keep building Ponyville! When you get a new building an icon will appear above it to signal that you can play a game here! You can play each game with new ponies and get stars completed by playing continually. A few of my favorites you can get really early on in the game. Like the ball bounce game. You can play this one with any pony and all you need to do is swipe in the direction indicated towards the pony and shell bounce it back to you. You do this until the timer runs out hoping to swipe as many balls back as possible. Another good game to play is the star swipe. This is basically like connect the dots to make constellations in the sky and earn more bits! Games like these are some of the best ways to earn bits to build your world unless you can find an online cheat to generate bits or gems. Some games are simply a coin catching game, The flying game is essentially flappy bird pony style and this is probably the one i am the worst at!

IMG_2569 IMG_2571 IMG_2572 IMG_2573

You fly your pony into the coins and try to avoid as many obstacles as you can. Another good coin collecting game is the mining game where your pony is in a cart sliding down the track and you can jump to collect coins. I enjoy this game because there’s no timer so you can keep going until you run into an obstacle or fall off the tracks. This one is addicting! Oh and not to forget the orchard game where you run your pony back and forth collecting apples to get points! All the games are pretty easy to follow but they also all require some form of payment. For example its usually about 100 bits to play, unless you get an ad! These are the best because if you sit through a 15 second ad you can earn 2x points on the game! They aren’t always available unfortunately but always try to use that tool when you can. Each time a new building is added i can play new games. Like balloon pop from the balloon stand! The game always stays fresh and fun because of all these little extras you can play and its one of the reasons i am hooked on My Little Pony!

My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Storyline!

 Just like the show MLPFIM the game has a great story to keep you engaged and get you to your goal.  Our game begins when the villain Nightmare Moon has cast Ponyville into darkness. Twilight Sparkle along with her friend Spike must rebuild and bring back the other bearers of Elements of Harmony, Applejack, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, and Rarity in order to defeat Nightmare moon and restore Ponyville.

    Twilight Sparkle, Equestria’s best student leads our ponies into the light by restoring elements of harmony and crossing the obstacles all while Nightmare Moon interferes. In the beginning of the game we see a mini movie where we see the ponies onced lived in balance of light and dark until Nightmare decided she wanted to destroy the light! This is a classic good and evil story and along the way ponies learn about friendship and goodness as they work toward the goal. This is a great story and lesson for all ages to play, the game is exciting without being too scary or overwhelming. Nightmare moon is a great villain to come up against our heroes and the game flows smoothly even without buying the gems and bits needed to advance further. The consistent storytelling in the game makes it different from other games, having Spike and Twilight Sparkle interacting often and keeping the player engaged in their surroundings. Everyday’s a new adventure in Ponyville with the gang as you move through the game building the land and created new friendships. Collect all the ponies and build their homes. Throw parties and play mini games all while trying to keep the ponies in the light!